24 de jan de 2017

Bitchfits - 2007 Bitchfits

01 I Turned Into A Martian
02 Skulls
03 Die, Die My Darling
04 We Bite
05 Angel Fuck  

Pesadelo Brasileiro - Carro Punk "Coletânea"

Carro Punk "Coletânea"
(Horror Punk)

1- Filmes de Terror
2- Espasmos Catavélicos
3- Missa Punk
4- Solo Sagrado News
Terrorismo Sonoro
5- Bush Nao Vale Nada
6- Mentes Informatizadas
7- O Mundo Está Queimando Para Morte
8- Leis da Burguesia
9- Vote Nulo
Pesadelo Brasileiro
10- Apocalipse
11- Frankenstein
12- Pesadelo Brasileiro
13- Cérebro
14- Freedy Krugger
15- Trem Urbano
16- Minha Família
17- União
18- Fiscalização
19- Fotossintese


Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - See You at Disneyland 2004

See You at Disneyland 

01 Attack From Planet Transilvania
02 Space Invaders
03 Moonlight Sonata
04 Teardrops In Hell
05 Die Earthling Die
06 King Of The Cannibals
07 Nightmare In A Damaged Brain
08 Monsters In The Closet
09 Frankenstein Created Woman
10 Hooray The Darkness
11 In The Morgue Of Lucy Sanders
13 Horrormovie Fan
14 Eaters Of The Dead
15 Abra Cadaver
16 Who Will Survive
17 [Untitled Track]      

Blood Sucking Zombies From Outer Space - A Night At Grand Guignol

 A Night At Grand Guignol  

01 A Night At Grand Guignol
02 The Mummy's Shroud
03 Reign Of Devils
04 The Fairy Tale Of Billy The Butcher Bucket Of Blood
05 The Fairy Tale Of Billy The Butcher Pigblood-Blues
06 The Fairy Tale Of Billy The Butcher Princess Paranoia
07 The Fairy Tale Of Billy The Butcher Chopping Mall
08 A Deeper Shade Of Red
09 Shocktoberfest
10 Dracula's Cadillac
11 If It Bleeds It's Good
12 A.H.C.L.
13 The Most Beautiful Corpse
14 Dead By Dawn
15 Me, Myself, And The Beast Within
16 Trash Ballerina
17 Wizard Of Gore   

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Killer Klowns From Outer Space (2009)(Psychobilly)
1. Killer Klowns from outer space
2. Sweet Littel Succubus
3. King of the cannibals(new version)
4. Teenage Universal creature
5. Poison
6. Tear out the guts
7. Good 'Ol Ed


Attak - Zombies

(Horror Punk)

01.-Murder In The Subway
02.-Future Dreams
03.-Big Brother oi! oi! thats yer lot track

01.-Today's Generation 
03.-Nop escape

bonus tracks ...

Ashes Of October - Last Words of the Crucified

Last Words of the Crucified (2003)(Horror Punk)

1.-Blood Bath
2.-When She Screams
3.-Black Sunday
5.-Last Words of the Crucified
6.-Silent Night, Bloody Night
7.-Suffer and Abide
8.-Sheer Terror
9.-Sweet Nightmares + bonustrack

Antarctica Vs. The World - Grave New World -2005

Grave New World -2005

1-The End Approaches 
2-Modern Day Dr. Jekyll 
4-Comin' Out Swinging 
6-Grave New World 
7-Straight Jacket 
8-The Blood 
10-Eerie Glow 
11-Bloody Murder 
12-Tales From the Crypt 
14-Murdered My Girlfriend 
16-Southern Hunger 
17-Zombie T.V. 

Aaron Omen - Demo

Aaron Omen - Demo

1-dead girl
3-Pet Semetary acoustic tribute
4-Terror at the red Wolf Inn
5-The Spiders
6-When Darkness Comes
7-Zombie Night

Abby Normal - Midnight Creature Feature Picture Show -2004

Midnight Creature Feature Picture Show

1-Midnight Creature Feature Picture Show
2-Dead 17
3-Scream Karen Black
4-Bye Bye Granny
5-Human Stew
8-I'm Outta Here
9-Frankenstein Monster
10-Sundown In Zombietown
12-Pet Semetery